Alien Flu Gameplay from iPad

Alien Flu First iPad Screenshot

We’ve made a lot more progress on Alien Flu in the past week, although it’s been in areas that aren’t particularly exciting to talk about. I’ve mostly dealt with boring things like polishing the transitions between menu screens, redesigning the end of level pop-up to make it’s buttons function similarly to the rest of the interface, and some other even less interesting features.

I have finally redesigned the alert level indicator that’s been bugging me for a while (the three bars at the top of the screen), and the new design matches the rest of the GUI more closely. I figured this is a good time to share the current state of the game via an actual screenshot taken from an iPad, rather than my usual interpretations that have been taken from a Windows build:

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Alien Flu Achievements Screen

Alien Flu – 8 Months in Development

It’s been two months since I last shared any screenshots from Alien Flu, so I think it’s about time that I shared the latest updates. At the time I posted my Alien Flu – 6 Months in Development post I had already landed upon a fairly solid design style for the menu screens, however I’ve since made some further changes that I think make the whole game feel much more cohesive.

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Happy Christmas 2013


This is just a quick post to say thanks so much to everyone who’s been following my blog and sending me encouragement through Twitter. Since I’ve started doing this I’ve made plenty of great new friends and acquaintances, and I’m proud to consider myself a small part of something as awesome as the indie game development community.

Have a great Christmas all and here’s to a fantastic New year ahead!

Announcing our New Creation

It’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog. Development of Space Junk Rangers is progressing well and I hope to share some more info regarding it soon, but something has been keeping me away from game development for a while, and that is the fact that I’m now a dad!

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