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Welcome to the Boomshack Games blog!

Boomshack Games is an independent game development company from just outside of London in the UK. Boomshack Games (ltd) is a registered company, however it basically consists of just me, Barry, with some regular design help and ideas thrown in by my wife. On this blog I’ll probably use the term ‘we’ a fair amount, but rest assured I’m not doing it in a “I’m saying ‘we’ to make us sound like a big company, we’ll fool them all” kind of way, I’m just referring to the two of us.

My wife and I are due to become parents soon for the first time, and that’s spurred me on to try and make a real go of games development, to try and provide a better future for my family.

This blog is a place for me to post updates about our games in progress, as well as any other topics I think might be interesting that relate to the building and running of a game development company.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you check back in again soon.


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